Flood Damaged Clutter

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted here. Almost two weeks ago remnants of hurricane Ike drenched the Midwest resulting in flash floods here in St. Louis. My mother-in-law ended up with seven feet of flood water in the basement of her townhouse.

Needless to say we would not let her stay there at night for fear of mold spores and other possible contaminates in the air. She spent her 83 birthday sleeping at our home. It has taken almost two weeks to have the basement cleaned, sanitized, have the furnace, A/C, and hot water heater replaced, and new washer & dryer delivered. She is finally back home.

IMGP1205 IMGP1210

This past summer I was going to help her declutter her basement and have a garage sale. Due to my illness that was postponed. Now the flood waters decluttered the basement for her.

Most of the stuff that was lost was truly clutter for her. She never used the things but couldn’t get rid of them. She thought maybe someone in the family, especially the grandchildren, could use or want them. She has four grandchildren and they all live out of town.

We hold on to things for many different reasons. If you are holding onto something because you think a family member might want it someday, then ask that person now. If they say no then get rid of the item. There is someone out there that can use that item so sell it or give it away to a charity. You’ll be blessing others.



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