Father’s Day is this coming Sunday

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday and what to give is the big question. If you don’t know what to give on Mother’s Day you can always give flowers. They last about a week and leave very little clutter to deal with.

Father’s Day gifts are a whole different matter. The standard tie or shirt do not necessarily fit the average lifestyle of today’s man. You can always give cologne if you know his favorite kind. A tool or something related to his hobby could work if, and that is a big if, you know he will use it or needs it. Too many times gifts are given with good intentions but then the item lays in a drawer or on a shelf unused.

If you are trying prevent more clutter in your home or your parents’ home then you need to be mindful of what kind of gifts you buy or make. Try to match the gift to his personality and/or hobbies. You can always ask him for ideas. If it is something he wants then there is a good chance it won’t become clutter, at least not right away.

If you have younger children their father would probably appreciate a homemade gift. Here are a few sights to give you ideas for homemade gifts and celebrations. Since you only have six days left to prepare you may want to check these out today.