Don’t Wait For The Holiday’s To Bless Others

I was talking to a friend yesterday about decluttering Halloween and Christmas decorations.  She mentioned that she just clear out some from her basement that had not seen the light of day for about five years.  Her children are out of the house now so she doesn’t do as much decorating.

I like what she did with these unused decorations.  A friend of hers has a resale shop in a small town near here.  The area is somewhat depressed due to the economy. My friend just donated the items to the shop and told her friend to sell them and keep the proceeds. In other words, she was helping out a small business owner.

When we clear out the unused items in our homes and give them away we are accomplishing two things. We are decluttering our homes and blessing others.

I have another friend who is always putting things on our local Freecycle.  Again, she is cleaning out her home and blessing others.

Now is a good time to start with the decluttering and blessing others. Don’t wait until the holiday’s are upon us. You’ll be too busy then. There are so many people who have been hit with hard times in the last couple of years. You can help make their lives just a little easier by donating your unused clothes, toys, and holiday decorations. Heck, if you’re not using them then what good are they doing you packed away in the dark corners of your closet, basement, or attic.

Halloween is a little over four weeks away.  Just think how happy some child could be to have the costume your own child has outgrown and won’t wear again.  Take it to a charity now. Or Freecycle it. Let some child who can’t afford to buy that new one in the store get to enjoy your old one this Halloween, not next year.

My Halloween eBook, “How To Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween” has lots of ideas on decluttering and safety of costumes and decorations.

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