Countdown to Halloween Series Part 1

This blog series will help take you on a Halloween organizing journey through the whole month of October. You’ll be able to enjoy the process of decorating your home, making or buying costumes, and planning for parties and/or trick-or-treating without a crazy last minute rush.


witch 1I will be giving suggestions on what you can do each week.  Be sure to get your children involved so they can have fun with this holiday. I welcome any suggestions, ideas, or questions you have to offer. It’s not only fun to know how other people prepare for Halloween, it’s also helpful.  We learn from each other’s experiences.  Please share your contributions in the comment section. Thanks.

The first step in preparing for Halloween is to check what you already have in storage. Since decorations and costumes are items that are only out during the month of October that means they have been in storage for eleven months.

Out of sight, out of mind! Do you remember exactly what and how much is there?  I know I don’t.

Now is the time pull out those boxes hidden in the basement, attic, or back of a closet. If you have a lot of boxes you may want to pull out only one at a time.  Go through the steps below with each box to determine what you want to keep.

Don’t buy anything until you know what you already have. Check to see if last year’s costume will fit or if your children would even want to wear it this year.  Is there any part of last year’s costume that can be used this year?  Now is the time to get those creative juices going.


  1. Check to see what you have and what fits.
  2. Throw away broken or torn ones.
  3. Ask your children what they want to dress up for this year before going to the stores. Be aware that they will probably change their minds several times in the next few weeks.
  4. Check to see if you can use any costume or accessories from last year. Sometimes you can create a whole new costume with what you already have plus a few additional accessories.
  5. Keep any item you or your children may use this year. Give away the ones that are out-grown or not wanted but are still in good shape.


  1. Check to see what you already have before going to the store. They’ve been in storage a long time (11 months) and you might not remember everything.
  2. Get rid of any broken items unless you plan on repairing them as soon as possible.
  3. Any you don’t want to keep but are in good shape put in a bag or box to take to a charity.
  4. Decide how and where you plan on putting your decorations.
  5. If you don’t want to put them up just yet you may want to make a list of where they will go. For example, indoors or out, family/living room, kitchen, etc.
  6. If you know what you need or want to add to the decorating, then make a shopping list.

Once you have gone through the costumes and decorations be sure to take the “give away” ones to a charity as soon as possible.  You can give or sell them on the online sites if you chose. Don’t wait until after the holiday.  There are plenty of children who would love to dress up in those outgrown costumes.

In Part 2 of this series I’ll talk about making a written planner.  Any time there is a holiday, party, or other event on the calendar I like to create a planner by working from that date backwards. It helps prevent the last minute chaotic rush.

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 2


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