Do You Pack Light For Vacation?

Are you planning on traveling this summer for vacation? I’ll be heading up to the east coast to see my granddaughter again. It’s hard to believe she will be 4 months old by then.

Ocean City, MDWe’re going to spend a few days at Ocean City, MD. My son was there on business a couple of weeks ago and took this picture on his way back home.

I plan on packing light. This is a summer vacation and I’m more concerned about having fun (and playing with my granddaughter) than having a perfect outfit for every occasion.

How many times have you thrown extra clothing into the suitcase just in case you may need it?  Before you know it you need another suitcase to carry all the extra clothes.

Traveling on vacation shouldn’t be a fashion show.  It should be about comfort, convenience, and simplicity. Less time spent figuring out what to wear means more time sight-seeing or relaxing.

A simple way to pack what you need is to write out what you plan to wear each day.  You will have day clothes and evening clothes.  There should be plenty of overlapping.  One pair of shoes should be worn with multiple outfits.  Shorts or pants can be worn more than one time.  Just wear a different top.

Once it is written down what you plan to wear for the whole trip you can create a master list of clothes and other items.  This master list will make it easy to pack only what you need.  Make a list for each person in your family to help everyone pack light. Be sure to put this list in your travel planner.

Travel planner photo-1

Keep your suitcases packed light going and coming back home.  Be mindful of what you buy for souvenirs. Instead of loading up on coffee mugs, wall plaques, or T-shirts, take pictures to remind you of the special moments and places.

Focus on the sights and sounds and fun times of your trip, not your wardrobe or souvenirs.

How do you travel lightly?  Please share your tips in the comment section. Thanks.

To a lighter load along the way.


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    1. JaniceScissors

      David, I’m always trying to find tools that can help my readers and myself. Your interactive checklists makes it easy for people to pack light yet not forget the important items.

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