Decluttering Expired First-Aid Supplies

When I write my tip newsletters I write about things I have done and know that they work for me. I also write about things that I may not do all the time so I will research the subject online. Cleaning out expired first-aid supplies is one of those.


I printed out a list of supplies from the Mayo Clinic. Then I went and checked my first-aid kit. I keep my supplies in a clear plastic shoe box on a shelf in the hall closet. While checking the dates on the antibiotic cream and the anti-itch cream I found that both were expired. Yikes! I threw them out and put both on my shopping list. I will replace them this week.

I keep my prescription medicines in the kitchen pantry in another clear shoe box. I will check those meds to see if I need to dispose of any old ones. My newsletter mentioned some of the ways to properly dispose of old medicines. The Whitehouse website has more information.

If you have any other ideas on what to keep in a first-aid kit and keep it current, then please let me know in the comment section. Thanks.