Clutter Free Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday. Have you bought her a gift yet?

Mother’s Day is one of the most commercial holidays in the United States. Lots of cards and gifts are given on this day to honor our mothers. The problem arises when these gifts add clutter to their homes. When celebrating the holiday this year think of all the things you can give or do that don’t add clutter. Here are some ideas.

You may want to pass this list to your own children and/or spouse and ask them not to buy you anything that adds to your clutter. It’s the thought that counts. And even more important it is to honor mothers for all they do.

  • Give flowers. They are beautiful to see first thing in the morning and last about a week.
  • Take her out to eat or have her over for brunch. Spending this precious time together is what counts.
  • If you want to buy a gift make sure it is one she either wants or is something she can use up. Bubble bath, candles, or lotion would work.
  • If she likes candy but is watching her diet than look for a small but special candy she wouldn’t buy for herself.
  • You can give her a gift card for the theater or a movie. No clutter there.
  • Print out gift certificates for services you can do for her. You can promise to wash her car or trim her hedges. Make it things you can easily do for her when she turns in the certificate for your service.
  • You can buy a gift certificate for a day spa so she can pamper herself.

There are lots of things to do or give your mother without adding clutter. The best thing you can give her is your time.

To a lighter load along the way.