The Transition from Summer to Fall

Each weekday my dog starts barking at the school kids running to the bus stop. Then I hear the beeping of the bus backing up at the corner to turn around for it’s journey out of the subdivision. School is back in session.

My youngest is away at college so the familiar rushing around to catch the bus doesn’t happen here anymore. But that doesn’t mean I have lost the old feelings that come with a new start. From the time we were little and got excited about a new school year to when our own children went through school is a good portion of our lives. We become conditioned to looking at this time of year as a fresh start.

Then again maybe it’s because the end of summer is here and now is the time to get back to taking our lives a little more serious. Or maybe it’s because we follow nature (at least in the northern hemisphere) with the impending fall and winter we need to prepare for it. Sort of like the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.

Any or all of these reasons may make us feel like it is time to get back to the business of taking care of our homes. In Spring we spring clean to make our homes clean and bright for the summer. In Fall we prepare our children for the long school year ahead. We start putting our gardens to bed for winter. We put away the summer clothes and bring out the fall clothes. We even start thinking about the holidays and what our plans will be.

September seems to be that transition month where in the beginning it’s hard to let go of summer but by the end we are ready to move forward to the fall and winter months.

How do you transition from summer to fall during this month?