Summer Reading-Simplicity

Summer is a good time to slow down and really think about how you can simplify your life. I took out a book by Elaine St. James, “Inner Simplicity” to read about ways to regain peace in my life. Her books are easy to read and get me thinking about how complicated our world has become and what we can do in our individual lives to slow it down.

“Doing too much and having too much get in the way of being able to enjoy the things we do want in our lives, and to simply be who we are.” By Elaine St. James

Check out her books or any book by your favorite author and take some time to slow down and read. Be inspired to declutter both the physical and mental things in your life that are “too much”.


“I am often reminded of the early mountain man who roamed freely throughout
the Rockies far before that area was settled. He was able to move unencumbered
along beautiful mountain trails where very few people had ever been able to go.
Years later in his life, he had obtained more possessions and wealth. While traveling through the area in a wagon, he was forced to take a desert road instead of his beloved mountain trail. As he gazed at the beautiful mountain peaks in the distance, he realized that his quest for a few material things had changed the course of his travels and the course of his life.” by Jim Stovall

To a lighter load along the way.