Storing Holiday Decorations

This week the local discount and hardware stores are advertising for sale all kinds of storage containers and shelving. They want to help you get organized by storing your decorations in lots of fancy containers. But do you really need so many containers? Of course, it depends on how much “stuff” you have to store.

Now is a good time to declutter you decorations because you can be more objective about them. It will be fresh in your mind as to what worked and what didn’t work. There is no reason to store the broken decorations or ones you didn’t like or have room for.

Below are some questions to ask yourself about your decorations before you go buy lots of boxes to store them. After decluttering you may not need as many boxes, therefore saving you money for other things.

  1. Is it broken? Can it be fixed and is it worth it?
  2. Do you love the item and does it make you smile when you see it displayed?
  3. Do you have a space to display it?
  4. Are you keeping the item,even though you don’t like it, because you’ve always had it or someone gave it to you?
  5. Is the item easy to pack away for next year?
  6. Does it take special packing material and/or containers to store it?
  7. Is it easy to unpack and clean up for use each year?
  8. Do you have room to store it?

Throw away the broken items and give away the ones that are good but you no longer want to use.