Organizing Children’s School Papers

Now that the new school year has begun it’s time to get organized. There are lots of papers that will be entering our homes by way of our children’s backpacks.

There are the notices of events going on, the permission slips, homework, worksheets, and of course all the art work the younger children do.  With so many papers coming in so fast it is easy to put them in a pile to go through later.

But will you and/or your child go through them before the homework is due or the permission slip is too late?

Start out the school year with a plan to handle the incoming papers so you and your child will be more organized. Here are a some suggestions.  If you have a different way to handle the incoming papers, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

  1. For notices, permission slips, etc. you should use a different color pocket folder for each child.  When your child brings home the papers be sure to mark the date on your calendar before you file the paper into the folder. You could also use a 3 ring binder with pocket folders in it.
  2. For current homework each child should have their own notebook or folders they keep in their backpack.  Usually the teachers will recommend what they want for their class.  Check it daily.  Pull out any old homework (see number 3) on a regular basis so the current homework doesn’t get lost in it.
  3. Old homework can really pile up if it isn’t decluttered on a regular basis.  Depending on the grade level there can be a lot of papers that your child will never need to look at again.  If there is a chance they will need it to study for a test then help them set up a folder for each subject. Then when it’s time to study all the papers on that subject will be in one place. Most of the time in the younger grades the practice papers can be recycled.  At the end of the school year almost all the homework papers can be recycled or thrown away.
  4. Art work and stories/essays are papers you’ll probably want to keep for at least a short time.  You can hang up the art work, give it to grandparents, or store it.  Under-bed storage containers are great for these since many pieces of art are larger than the standard piece of paper. Short stories or essays can be put in a binder or in the container with the art work.

If you haven’t decluttered last years papers now is a good time to do it before school gets under way.  Check out this article on how to declutter the papers.


To a lighter load along the way.