Now is a Great Time to Have a Garage Sale if You Have Certain Items

It may feel like it’s near the end of the Garage Sale season but now just might be a great time to have a sale.  With all the back to school shopping going on many parents are looking to stretch the budget and will buy some items at a garage sale (see below).

If you live near a university or college those students will be looking for used furniture and other household items to fill their dorm rooms or apartments.

It takes time to put together a big garage sale but if you have a fair amount of the items listed below you might want to consider having a quick garage sale in the next couple of weeks. That way you could take advantage of the back to school rush and clear out some of the clutter from your home. Plus you’ll be able to make a little extra money to help with your own back to school budget, if you have one.

Most schools do not reimburse school teachers for all the supplies, books, and other educational materials they have in their individual classrooms.  I know that at some of my past garage sales I have had teachers, especially new ones, looking for items (books, educational games, etc.) to build up their classroom resources for their students.

So check out the list of items below and if you have a fair amount of them you no longer use, consider planning a garage sale as soon as possible.

Children’s Items

  • children clothes – all sizes, but especially grade school
  • school supplies – new or slightly used
    1. backpacks
    2. lunch boxes/bags
    3. crayons, markers, pencils, pens
    4. 3-ring binders, pocket folders, notebook paper, erasers
    5. children’s books – good for building child’s home library and teachers like to purchase for their classrooms.
    6. calculators, rulers, staplers, etc.
  • educational learning toys and games

Household Items

  • small scale furniture – for small apartments or dorm rooms
  • kitchen supplies – for apartments and dorm rooms
    1. microwaves – usually small ones
    2. toaster ovens and hot plates (some dorms don’t allow these)
    3. dishes, silverware, pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc.
  • linens such as towels, sheets, comforters, etc.

Advertise the Sale

There are a lot of online sites to advertise your sale for free. Google your city and garage sales to help you find some local sites. You can also put an ad in your local paper.  You might be able to post a note about the sale in your local grocery store if they have a bulletin board for sale items.

To a lighter load along the way.