Mental Clutter

Early this week I had a bad cold. I’m in the sixth week of radiation treatment for breast cancer and I’m beginning to feel the fatigue I was told would happen. Because of these two things I had a hard time focusing on writing my weekly newsletter and this blog.

Even though logic tells me the above excuses are legitimate the negative thoughts began creeping into my brain. You know the kind; thoughts about how you always procrastinate, you’ll never learn to be organized, you’re a failure. These are the kind of thoughts that make you feel down about yourself. Lose your confidence. Lose your enthusiasm. These are mental clutter!

I recognized these thoughts as such and worked at decluttering them from my brain. I talked about it in my weekly newsletter. (If you aren’t receiving my free newsletters then please sign up on the sidebar.)

Here are the four steps I use to clear out the mental clutter.

1. Recognize when mental clutter is starting to accumulate.
2. Acknowledge that these negative thoughts are only clutter and not the truth.
3. Visualize the thoughts as physical clutter and clear them out of your mind.
4. Repeat the process as often as necessary.

If you have other ways to clear out the mental clutter please post a comment. I know I would appreciate any tips you have and I’m sure my readers would also.