Mailing Those Cards and Packages

If you haven’t already bought and shipped those Christmas gifts then you better get moving. Time is running out. Here is a timeline for sending cards and packages through the United States Postal Service.

Dec. 4 Military mail destined for Iraq or Afghanistan (First-Class & Priority Mail)

Dec. 15 Parcel Post

Dec. 20 First-Class Mail

Dec. 21 Priority Mail, the best bargain in shipping

Dec. 22 Express Mail


Here are tips on addressing those cards and packages. If you follow the USPS guidelines you’ll have a better chance they will be delivered on time.

Since my handwriting won’t win any awards I try to print out my addresses for most of my mail, especially any packages I send. Avery labels have many different kinds to fit most situations. They have free templates you can download to make holiday labels for both return addresses and mailing addresses. Here is a list of some mailing tips from their website.

I’ve been old fashion and have been hand addressing my holiday cards, a few each evening. After reviewing the tips at the sites above I think it’s time to print out the address labels. I had the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office (free download) on my old computer. Time to download it on the this new computer and create those holiday labels. It will save a lot of time so I can get my cards mailed out. Now if I can only learn how to set up an address file and use the mail merge on Word then I’ll really be able to save time.

Instead of spending time writing out addresses, make those labels and spend time writing inside the cards. People throw away the envelopes immediately but cherish and remember the handwritten messages.


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