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The closets are jammed pack. There’s no room for even one more thin paperback on the bookshelf.  It’s hard to find anything to cook with in the kitchen.  Cabinets and the drawers are so stuffed they won’t close right.  Forget about putting the cars in the garage.  The sports equipment, lawn equipment, and unmarked boxes have taken over your parking space.  And who knows what’s in the basement, storage rooms, or attic.

You’ve had enough and want to get rid of all this clutter.  Your stuff could fill a warehouse. You figure you can make a ton of money by selling it. After all, that’s what they do on all those home decluttering shows.

Well, you might make a lot of money and then again you might not.  But even if you have doubts about making enough money to justify the work involved it still may be worth it.  A shift in attitude could make having a garage sale a great way to clear out your clutter.

What are the advantages of having a garage sale?

First, you can make some money from items you no longer use or need. When people buy your things they remove them from your property so you don’t have to. It is also a great way to declutter your home especially if you use the garage sale mainly for this purpose.  In this book you will learn to make decisions on what to keep and what to sell.  I will go more in depth on letting go of items in the following chapters. 

What are the disadvantages of having a garage sale? 

One of the main reasons people don’t like having a garage sale is because it involves a lot of work usually during a short period of time.  It is not just the day or two of the sale but all the time gathering your items, cleaning them, pricing them, and setting up the sale.  Then there is the time involved in taking down the sale and hauling off all the unsold items to a charity or the dump. Some charities will pick up but only certain items.   There are companies that will pick up all your leftovers but many of them charge a fee. If your main goal is to make money then this cuts into your profits.  Of course if your main goal is to get rid of your clutter then you still come out ahead no matter how the items leave your property.

Is it worth having a sale? 

If you’re thinking of having a sale then you need to consider all the things involved to make it worthwhile.  I will address the issues of whether you have enough items (Chapter 2) and if you should do it solo or with a partner (Chapter 3). I will let you know what is involved in setting up a sale, pricing items, and taking down a sale.  All of these things will help you decide if it is worth it whether your goal is to make money or just clear out the clutter from your home.

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