How to Declutter the Junk Mail

When I opened my mail box today there was one lonely envelope in there. A sad feeling came over me for a second. Then I remembered this is a good thing! In the past I use to get all kinds of junk mail, catalogs, bills, and lots of magazines. Now it is reduced down to a few pieces of junk mail occasionally, a few bills, and a couple of magazines that actually get read.

I use to love getting a full mailbox because it made me feel like I was important enough for people to send me mail. But most of the mail was just trying to get me to buy their product or service. They weren’t giving me anything, they wanted something from me. Then there was the fact that it took so much time to go through that pile of mail to find the few pieces that really were important.

If you feel this way then it’s time to take the steps necessary to reduce most of the unimportant mail. The sites below will help get your name off the lists that fills your mailbox with mail you don’t want. It can take several months before you see a big difference so now is a good time to start.

To reduce general junk mail:

To reduce unsolicited catalogs:

To reduce the credit card and insurance offers:


To a lighter load along the way


P.S. For more support on getting control of your paper clutter, please join the free Facebook group “Controlling Your Paper Clutter Support Group”.

1 thought on “How to Declutter the Junk Mail”

  1. Hi Janice,
    Every time I read your name I think you are my daughter leaving a comment as that is her name, same spelling.
    Thank you for your comment on my website. I didn’t know you could request charities to stop sending frequent solicitations. Thank you for this excellent information. The place I use to remove my name from junk mail lists is (I may have mentioned this–I’m not sure). Anyway it is a one stop place to remove your name from everything–offers from credit cards, banks, coupons, catalogs and other places I am sure I am missing. You can either do it yourself or pay a one time small fee.
    I look forward to more tips from you,

    Marilyn 🙂

    P.S. I see two books recommended at the right. I was asked by a publisher a year ago to write a book that they are publishing. It will be in major book stores this December–I hope it will be one you will want to recommend. They titled it Go Organize And the sub title is: Three Simple Steps to Cear Clutter

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