Do You Know The Best Thing About Having a Garage Sale?

household_itemsWhen most people think about having a garage sale they start seeing in their mind all those dollar signs.  So they gather up their unused items and slap price tags on them.  Since they paid good money for the item they feel other people should be willing to pay a reasonable amount for it.

But what’s reasonable to the seller is not usually reasonable to the buyer. At the end of the day there are fewer dollars in the cash box and more items left over than planned.

Maybe it’s time for an attitude change.

After having many garage sales I’ve learned that the best thing about having a garage sale is that people are willing to pay me (many times a small amount) to haul off my clutter. I even have a “free box” where people can take the items that I would have put in the trash anyway. My primary purpose is to clear out my clutter. Any money I make is a bonus.

We tend to put too much “money” value on our items we no longer need or want. When we keep we keep things for this reason we are creating clutter in our homes. After all, isn’t that what clutter is all about, an accumulation of items we no longer need or want?

If you’re not sure what is junk or treasure in your home read this short check-list to find out.  “Is It Junk or Treasure”

The eBook, “Decluttering With A Garage Sale” can also be a great tool in helping you decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  After all, if you are willing to sell something on a garage sale then obviously you really don’t want or need it.  So why keep it?


This isn’t a two page report.  It’s 26 pages filled with information to help you decide what to get rid of and how to get rid of it. You may not even what to have a garage sale after reading the eBook but you’ll have the motivation to get rid of a lot of clutter.  There’s also tips on where you can get rid of it so you don’t feel guilty about putting some of the still usable items in the trash.



To a lighter load along the way.