Countdown to Halloween Series Part 3

Once you’ve completed the steps in Part 1 and Part 2 (see links below to review them) it’s time for the fun part – shopping! Impulse shopping, especially at Halloween, is a lot of fun but in the long run you usually end up regretting having spent more money than you planned and/or buying way too many items with no where to store them the rest of the year.

Take your list from Parts 1 & 2, then add some of the information listed below. Now you’ll be ready to head to the store for some fun shopping without too many regrets once Halloween is over.

Shopping Tips

  1. Decide on a budget before heading to the store.
  2. If buying costumes know approximate size of each person.
  3. Make a written list of what you plan to buy.  It will help keep you focused and reduce the amount of impulse buying.
  4. If you child is not sure what he/she wants just yet then it’s okay to window shop a couple of times.  Don’t wait too long or the costumes will be picked over.
  5. If you are adding to what you already have take a picture on your phone or print one out to look at while you’re at the store.
  6. Be aware of potential safety issues before buying costumes or decorations.  You can check out my articles and/or eBook for more information.  See links below.


Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Children’s Costumes



book cover 5The “How To Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween”eBook is now available for the PC, Kindle, and Nook. It’s a witches brew of tips on decorations, costumes, and treats. Get it now before you head to the store.



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