Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers I Use

Kitchen cabinets can be hard to keep organized. There are so many different items we use for cooking, baking, and eating that are stored in them. And if you don’t have a separate pantry, you probably store food items in them also.

With so many different items stored on those shelves it’s no wonder the cabinets become a nightmare of chaos. Since most of us don’t have huge kitchens with tons of cabinet space we have to come up with better ways to organize them. …

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Diary of a Kitchen Remodel Update

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about the kitchen remodel.  The contractor started on November 18, so we are half way through the 3rd week.  Of course with Thanksgiving last week we lost a couple of days.

I’m amazed how much has been done in 10 working days, most of those with only one person working. So far there have been very few glitches. Either I have a fantastic contractor or I’m incredibly lucky. I think it’s a little of both.

When I think about all the horror stories about kitchen remodels I keep my fingers crossed and hope each day ends on a positive note. …

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Kitchen Remodel – The Lull Before The Storm

Time flies when you’re having fun.  But I’m finding it drags on and on while waiting for the contractor to get started with the kitchen remodel!

Originally he was suppose to start around the first week of October. Because it took us longer than expected to get quotes and ordering the cabinets he went on to do another job.  The floor tiles are in and the cabinets were delivered today. His start date is currently around November 1st.

In the meantime I’m feel like I’m in limbo with packing up the kitchen.  Everyday I’m fighting my procrastination tendencies to do nothing until I know an exact date.  …

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Diary of a Kitchen Remodel – In the Beginning

For the past six weeks or so I’ve been working on making decisions for remodeling my kitchen. And the decision making has been hard work!

I’m good with function but not good with design. I can visualize how organized and efficient the kitchen will be. I’m struggling with visualizing what style and color the floor should be, which granite I like best, and what color and style I should get for the back-splash. At least we’ve narrowed the cabinets down to a style and color (white). Now we have to figure out what kind of handles and knobs will look good.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! …

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