Being Decluttered Makes Life Easier

If you read my last post you know that I am going through a health crisis. Since I have spent the last six years as a Flybaby, ( I have been decluttering my home. I now realize how grateful I am to have reached the point of being organized with minimum clutter around.

The past six weeks have played havoc with my mental and physical health leaving routines by the wayside. Since I have reduced my incoming paper clutter what does come in is manageable. The majority of my bills are paid electronically so the few paper bills have been easy to handle on time. With facing a lot of future medical bills my finances are now under control and that will make it easier later.

The biggest advantage I have seen has been in my home. Although I haven’t kept up regular routines of cleaning, the house has still not gotten out of control. Yes, the dust gets thick enough to write your name in it and the beige carpet sometimes is sprouting a layer of black hair (black dog). But I get to them when I can. Without the clutter the dirt isn’t as noticeable. When the toilet bowl starts showing that distinct water line I take a couple of minutes and clean it.

It’s the organization of my home that has kept the clutter build-up at bay. The books, magazines, papers, trash, etc. have been manageable because I have limited the incoming traffic of them. The groceries have a place to go and are put away immediately. Since I don’t have a lot of clothes (only what I will wear and fits) I am forced to keep the laundry up. Either I wear dirty clothes (not good for the mental or physical health) or wash them and put them away. Smaller loads are easier to take care of without getting overwhelmed.

So whenever there is a disruption in your routines due to vacation, back to school, holiday season, home remodeling, health crisis (yours or a loved one), etc. if you have less clutter around it will make your life so much easier to manage. Just think if it is easier during a routine disruption how easy it will be during the regular times.

Time to evict the clutter and take back your home.