Administrative Professionals Day and Earth Day

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This week has two main events taking place. The first is Administrative Professionals Week/Day and the second is Earth Day. The first may or may not effect you directly but Earth Day effects all of us.

Wednesday April 21

This Wednesday, April 21, is Administrative Professionals Day. Many people remember it as Secretaries Day which was the original name. If you have someone who works for you as a secretary, administrative assistant, or by any other title be sure to recognize how much they do for you.

The whole week is designated at Administrative Professional Week so you don’t have to wait until Wednesday to celebrate it.

If you are the administrative assistant or secretary with a boss that is clueless then send him/her the links below. Unless he/she already show their appreciation on a regular basis it may be time to educate them on what this week and day is all about. After all, it’s been around for 58 years. It’s time they got with the program!

Check out these sites to give you more information.


Thursday April 22

The other event taking place this week is Earth Day. The message from Earth Day applies to all of us. We live on this planet and we need to take care of it. If our homes are cluttered and filled with chemicals and other products that harm our bodies the house can become inhabitable. The same is true for the earth.

Check out the sites below to find ways you can help clean up your home while at the same time clean up the bigger home we all share – Earth.,28285,1601801,00.html

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