Summer Heat and Mowing the Lawn

From an early age we are told to finish what we start. And many times this means completing one task before starting another. Sometimes it just can’t happen that way.

It’s hot out here in the Midwest. And it’s suppose to rain again. The grass loves all this rain. Heat, rain, high humidity, and wet tall grass that needs mowing is not my idea of summer fun. But it has to be done.


So today I decided to apply the 15 minute strategy to mowing the lawn. First I did the front which is a lot smaller than the back. Then I came inside, drank plenty of water to replace all that came out as sweat, and cooled off for a while. I worked on an article I was writing, again using my 15 minute strategy and a timer.

A little while later I went out and mowed both sides and part of the back. I’m back on the timer and blogging here. I’ll go out in a little while and finish it up.

Some days are just 15 minute days. And sometimes I am totally amazed how much can be done this way. I wish I could finish most tasks in one continuous stretch of time but I don’t function that way. Using a timer helps me hyper focus on the task at hand. A “to do” list helps me stay on track and reminds me to keep going back to the tasks I start so I can eventually finish them.

The timer beeped so it’s time to move to the next task on the list.

Have a good day.