New E-Course on Paper Clutter

I now have my new e-course on paper clutter up and running. If you’re stuck inside because of bad weather then take advantage of this time to get control of your junk mail.

In the first lesson I give you some websites that will help reduce all those ads, credit card applications, and unwanted catalogs that come in your home mailbox. It does take a few months to get your name off the lists so if you start today you’ll begin to see a big difference by this summer.

The e-course is free so go sign up now!

Other lessons in the course deal with magazine clutter, phone messages, photos and other paper memories, plus plenty more. All the lessons come for the eBook; “Cut Out The Paper Clutter”.


So go sign up now for this free e-course. You’ve got nothing to lose but some of your paper clutter!


P.S. Be sure to share this blog post with the link for the e-course with all your friends and family so they too can learn how to get rid of their paper clutter. Thanks.