Moving Clutter and Trash

Have you ever noticed that when someone has just moved out of their house the trash waiting for pick-up is a mile high? Have you ever wondered where they were keeping all that trash? Why did they keep it?

My theory is that things get stored out of sight and are forgotten. Even if they are in plain sight they can be forgotten amongst all the other things that are just sitting there. We may be saving it for “someday” when we have time to fix it or clean it up so it can be used again. But when we move we decide it isn’t worth bothering with and throw it away.

The more items we keep because of this thinking the more difficult our move will be. So if you are planning a move soon you may want to start cleaning out all those “someday” things. You old home will be easier to pack up when the time comes. You new home will be easier to unpack if you don’t have to mess with the clutter.

If you are not planning a move then you can still pretend like you are. Go through each room and ask yourself the following questions about all your things.

  • Is this item worth paying good money for to move to a new home?
  • What wouldn’t you take because you don’t like it or use it?
  • Why are you keeping it in your current home?
  • If it isn’t worthy enough to be in a new home what makes it worthy enough for you current home?

You deserve to live in a clean “new” home even if you are not planning on a move. Clear out the clutter and you will feel like you are in a “new” home. Add some new paint or other decorative touches and you’ll have a fresh start in your home.