Is It Junk or Treasure

These twelve questions will help you decide what is junk and what is not.  Only you know which items have meaning in your life.  Keep those, they are treasures.  All the things that don’t add something to your life are clutter and should be evicted from your home.

1.  Do you love the item?

2.  Does it make you smile or bring treasured memories to mind?

3.  Does the item serve a function and are you using it for that function?

4.  Can another item you have be used for the same function?

5.  Is the item easy to maintain or keep clean?

6.  Does the item have a home or are you always looking for it or moving it around?

7.  Does the item add value to your life?

8.  Have you used the item in the last year?

9.  Do you have duplicates of this item and do you use all of them?

10. Does the item need to be fixed to use it and is it worth fixing?

11. Are you holding on to the item for “someday”?

12. Is it something you could purchase fairly easy and reasonable when “someday” comes?