Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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When you’re trying to control the clutter, gift giving holiday’s can be a real challenge.  We want to honor and show our gratitude with some kind of purchased or homemade gift. We want to give something the recipient will like and use. We don’t want to give them something that will become clutter.

Father’s Day can sometimes be very challenging.  We are lead to believe that most men would like to have new tools, or tickets to a sporting event, or some new electronic equipment.  Of course there is the old standby tie but many men just don’t wear ties that much anymore.

Some of the above will make great gifts if the Dad is interested in those things. Sometimes those kinds of gifts are just too expensive.  That doesn’t mean you should settle for just giving him something that may end up in a drawer or gather dust.  It’s time to get creative.

Fathers love the attention on Father’s Day just as much as mothers do on Mother’s Day.

Here are some ideas that don’t have to cost a lot or become clutter.

  1. If you can’t afford those tickets to a sporting event consider taking Dad to a movie. Or you can buy his favorite movie on DVD and plan a special afternoon at the Movies in your own home. Make popcorn, buy his favorite candy or snack, turn off the phones, and enjoy an afternoon together.
  2. Plan a dinner where you and/or the children cook everything and wait on Dad like he is a king.
  3. If you have younger children they can plan for games, activities, and even decorations.  See the links below for some ideas.
  4. If Dad has a hobby then some sort of new tool or equipment for that hobby would be appreciated. Most hobbies have a lot of items in a wide range of prices. You can create a gift bag of several lower price items instead of one large, expensive one.

These two links have lots of other ideas for Father’s Day.



Happy Father’s Day!