Fall Clothes Shopping

Fall weather has hit the Midwest early. I’m sure it will warm up again for a few weeks before it really cools down.

I wanted to wear a long sleeve top when I went out Saturday night so I looked in the back of my closet where I keep some of the out of season clothes. Since I decluttered my wardrobe a few years ago I have room to keep many of those transitional clothes in the closet year round. Less to store in boxes under the bed.

As I went through these long sleeve tops I could see some of them looked pretty worn. It may be time to get rid of them and buy new ones. Since I don’t usually enjoy shopping (a big plus when trying to keep clutter under control) I will have to decide what I need to freshen up my wardrobe before I go to the store. Then I can at least narrow down what I want to buy with regards to style and color. This helps give me a clear purpose for the shopping trip.

Since I’m not very fashion conscious a few years ago I joined the website, missussmartypants.com for a year. It helped me understand the styles that looked best for my body type. I actually enjoyed clothes shopping for awhile. What I bought fit well and looked good. I need to review my saved information or maybe even join the website again so I can enjoy shopping for fall clothes.

After all, if you look good you will feel better about yourself.



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