Decluttering With A Garage Sale

We’re in the heart of garage sale season. My subdivision had a sale about 3 weeks ago.  Although I didn’t have a lot to sell there were about 12 homes scheduled to have sales so why not take advantage of the traffic already coming into the subdivision.


I decided to look around my house for any items that had become clutter. This was a great opportunity to clear out as much as possible. After all, why not let other people take the items off my property instead of me having to haul it all away myself.

This included many things that were worth trying to sell but also included items that weren’t worth selling. In other words, some things should have been put in the trash a long time ago. The problem is I’m not always good at trashing some things that are useful but not donation worthy.

So what kind of items am I talking about? Well, I had some small empty but sturdy gift boxes from bath and/or perfume sets. These kind of boxes were too nice to throw away but I didn’t need them. Someone else may be able to use them for storage.

Other items were athletic shoes that were too worn to donate. Then there were some free promotional items I threw in the box. Also partly used school and office supplies that I no longer needed.

With all those shoppers driving up and down the streets I put these kinds of items in boxes with a sign stating they were free. Most of these things were taken so I felt good that someone else would be using them. What was left went into the trash.

I decided beforehand that the items I put out for the sale would go to Goodwill right away if they didn’t sell. Since I needed to fill the tables (I didn’t want it to look too skimpy) I went through each room of my house looking for things I hadn’t used and probably wouldn’t use again. So why keep them. I got them out of the house. Any money I made was a bonus.

If you are planning a garage sale or if your neighborhood is planning one then approach it from how much clutter you can get out of your house and not how much money you can make. With the clutter gone you’ll feel so much better. Your home will be much easier to keep clean.

I’ve had many garage sales over the years, some successful money wise and some not. But they all have been successful with helping me clear out the clutter.

I’ve written an eBook, “Decluttering With A Garage Sale” to give you all the tips I’ve learned over the years. So if you need help on how to go about using a garage sale as a motivating tool in your decluttering journey then check out this new eBook here: