Decluttering Receipts

Each year I put my receipts in a file folder I keep in my file cabinet. If I need the receipt for anything that is broken or I’m just curious how old something is I can look for it in the file.

By the end of the year all these receipts can take up way too much drawer space so it becomes necessary to declutter them. January is a good time to sit down and go through the file and clear it out. It’s easy to do while watching TV in the evenings. It feels so good to throw away all those small pieces of paper I don’t need anymore.

The question comes in as to which ones to keep and which can be thrown away or shredded. Last night as I went through the file I kept only the receipts of items that may be under warranty or I may need for business or tax purposes. Usually I file the business or tax receipts in their respective files but occasionally they get in the general receipt file. All those receipts for clothes, shoes, or misc. items that were put on the charge cards will be shredded unless they fit the categories above. I will keep the receipts for the items that are only a couple of months old. I can declutter them later in the year.

I have a few receipts that ended up in the general file that should be stapled or tape to the warranty or instruction sheet. I will need to take care of those. I have separate file folders for different types of items such as kitchen appliances, small electronics, computers, household appliances, etc. Keeping the receipts with corresponding papers makes it easy to know if it is still under warranty when something goes wrong.

I found this site that handles receipts a little differently than I do. Her way requires more discipline to handle the files monthly. I would probably not remember or find the time to do it that way. Everyone needs to find out what works best for them. So check out the site to see other ways of how to handle those multiplying receipts.