10 Time Wasters

We all waste time on things that really aren’t that important to us.  Then we complain that we don’t have enough time to get those important things done.

Here are ten things that you may be doing that are wasting some of your time.  Being aware of and admitting your guilty of some of them will help you make better decisions. That puts you in control of you own time.

1. Things: It isn’t what we have that makes us happy. It is what we enjoy that makes us happy.  Don’t spend time collecting/buying things just because you think more is better.

2. Not saying no: Never make a decision on the spur of the moment. Say; “I’ll have to think about it and call you back.” This puts you in control.

3. Unmade decisions: Narrow your choices to help solve a problem.

4. Not interrupting: Learn to interrupt without being rude. Just say “excuse me, but I really must go.”

5. Television: Choose carefully, giving thought to how you might spend the time in a more rewarding way.

6. Lack of planning: Better and more realistic planning saves time and aggravation. Written plans make it easier to stay on track.

7. Clutter: It takes a lot of time to find what you need or want when you have to dig through clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place.

8. Ignoring maintenance: Fix things now when the problem is small. It’s not going to fix itself.

9. Idle waiting: Carry a pen, stamps, address book, greeting cards, and paper for lists or notes. Write out your schedule for tomorrow or address greeting cards.

10. Agonizing about the future: Plan for the future but be flexible. Enjoy each day and always look for the silver lining. It’s there for you to find.

Do you have other time wasters you’re guilty of? How have you solved them? Please let me know in the comment section below.  Thanks.

To a lighter load along the way.