Countdown to Halloween Series Part 5

We are down to the last week before Halloween. Time to make sure everything is ready to go. Below are several check lists to help you. You still have time to prevent that crazy last minute rushing around.


  • Try them on and make sure they fit correctly.
  • Make any alterations if necessary.
  • Review costume safety (see links below) to make sure you are not putting your little ones at risk for an accident.
  • If using make-up be sure to test it in a small spot several days before the party or trick-or-treating. You don’t want to ruin Halloween with an allergy flair-up.

School Parties

  • Check with the teacher and/or school for what is allowed regarding the costumes.
  • Check to see what treats are allowed. Many schools only allow store bought treats and with the rise in allergies certain foods may be restricted.
  • Make sure you know the time and date of any parties and have your children’s costumes ready to go before that day.

Parties You’re Hosting at Your House

  • Finish decorating early to free up last minute time for other things. Review safety issues for decorations (see links below).
  • Bake and freeze anything you can ahead of time. Save last minute baking or cooking for those items that can’t be made ahead.
  • Shop ahead of time for everything you can. It’s better to take two trips with the second being a quick one for those fresh items that can’t be bought ahead of time.


  • Purchase candy, stickers, or any other treats you will be handing out.
  • Review safety issues for decorating your yard (see links below).
  • If you have children going out to trick-or-treat go over the rules with them a couple of times before Halloween night. They will be too excited that night to remember them if it’s the first time you tell them the rules. Write out the rules now so you don’t forget.

Here are the links for the two articles on Halloween safety. They will give you a few ideas of what to look for. The eBook “How to Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween” goes into a lot more detail.

Article:  Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Article:  Halloween Safety Tips for Children’s Costumes


book cover 5The “How To Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween”eBook is a witches brew of tips on decorations, costumes, and treats. Get it now before you head to the store to do your shopping.

Happy & Safe Halloween!


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