Simplifying Can Feel Like You’re Swimming Upstream!

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Do you feel like you are swimming upstream against the current when you try to simplify your life? I know I do.

So what do I mean by this?

1. Advertisements:

We are all bombarded constantly with advertisements to buy, buy, buy!  Everyone wants us to give them our money for products that they say will make our lives wonderful. Plain and simple, they are trying to brainwash us into thinking they know better what is good for us than we know what is good for ourselves. That’s kind of scary.  And, not true.

2. Politicians and economists:

We are constantly being told that in order to grow the economy goods and services need to be purchased at a healthy rate.  Then we are told that the average American does not save enough money to retire on. That in turn will put a strain on the financial status of the country down the road.

So which is it, spend to grow the economy by buying products we don’t need or save for the future so we don’t have to depend on the government in our old age?  Talk about mixed messages.

3. Keeping up with the new technology:  

Again, the advertisements make us feel left out on the sidelines if we don’t keep up with the new technology. But it’s not just advertisers, it’s also the schools, businesses, and even home life. Technology is every where today. You may need to keep up with it at work and your children may need to keep up with it at school.  You don’t want them to be at a disadvantage.

However, you have the choice as to whether you need to keep up with it at home.  You don’t have to have a “smart” TV or any TV for that matter.  You may need to have a computer, or tablet, or laptop, or smart phone.  But you don’t necessarily need to have all of them. It’s your choice.

4.  Our personal looks:

Again, many times we are made to feel insecure if we don’t keep up with the latest fashions and styles.  This may come from advertisers, family, friends, and even our place of work.

I have read that some people will create a “uniform” for work by having several shirts exactly the same and several skirts or pants exactly the same. That way they get up in the morning and put on the same kind of outfit each day.  Depending on where you work and whom you work with that may be a great way to simplify getting dressed each day.

Many things are working against us when we want to simplify our lives.  Even our own family and friends may think we have gone off the deep end because we don’t want to buy into the idea of “having it all”.

Fortunately it seems that the tide is finally turning.  Although the idea of voluntary simplicity has been around for a long time it is now moving more towards mainstream acceptance.  Many of us have come to realize that when we “have it all” it means that there is really too much of it all.  We are burying ourselves under all the things we thought we were suppose to have to make our lives wonderful.

In reality the opposite is true.  When we have only the things we love and need we will find our lives a lot simpler in a good way.

So even though simplifying can make you feel like you are swimming upstream at times it is worth the effort. Besides, when you have a lot less clutter weighing you down you’ll have more control as to which way you choose to swim.

To a lighter load along the way.


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